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You need fresh air?

Blooow preserves your family’s health
by improving the indoor air quality of your home.

à partir de 14,90 €

You need fresh air?

Blooow préserve la santé
de toute la famille en améliorant
la qualité de votre air intérieur.

à partir de 14,90 €

Does the quality of indoor air affect our health?


Every day we breath in about 15,000 litres of air. The quality of this air has a significant effect on our well-being and our health.

There are many indoor air pollutants which generate a health hazard.

VOC is short for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are gasses and vapours that contain carbon, found, for example in solvents. VOCs, such as benzene, toluene and acetone, are factors exacerbating many illnesses. They can cause breathing disorders and headaches.

Formaldehyde is the most dangerous substance and most frequently found in indoor air. It is an irritating, allergenic gas and classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization.

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Where do these harmful chemicals come from in our homes?

Household products
Paints / adhesives
Candles and incenses

Everyone can
purify the air in their homes!

How to get rid of these pollutants?
VOCs and formaldehyde can be trapped, reducing your exposure to pollutants.

A French innovation

The Blooow air purifier was entirely designed and developed in France. In partnership with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and the University of Haute-Alsace, Blooow’s exclusive technology stems from research on reducing the concentration of VOCs in furniture.

France Blooow is a unique process that purifies air by adsorption. It was awarded a prize at the Concours International Lépine 2016 in Paris.

Concours lépine

Blooow comprises two actives components that can trap VOCs and formaldehyde without releasing any harmful chemicals.

  1. Active charcoal selected for its high quality and large specific surface area of 1000m2/g. It traps VOCs in its pores for good.
  2. An active organic substance that fixes formaldehyde.
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To clean up your indoor air, Blooow traps and stores VOCs and formaldehyde forever!

A well-known French laboratory tested Blooow under continuous pollution conditions. Results proved the efficiency of Blooow:
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of formaldehyde trapped
of VOCs trapped

The tests were performed at FCBA Institut according to ISO 16000-23
Extract from test report n ° 402/15 / 1247C / 1
This report is available on request


To purify the air, Blooow doesn’t need any electrical connection.
It doesn’t require any filters. Blooow purifies the air without any maintenance and costs.


Both discreet and unique, Blooow gives your home a decorative touch.

Easy to use

It can be hung up on a nail or hook or wrapped around a bar. You can also just simply leave it on a table.


Blooow quietly and efficiently takes care of your indoor air day and night.


It lasts over 15,000 hours, thereby minimising waste.
At the end of their life, send us back your used units free of charge and we will take care of recycling them. It is easy - and good for our planet.

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