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Our raison d’être is to research and develop new solutions, new sanitary equipment in particular, for better air quality, for a healthier environment, to contribute at our level to a healthier world.

The origin of our commitment is the awareness of the impact of our way of life on air quality. In particular, the mass arrival of kit furniture has contributed to degrading indoor air quality.

Our modern society has entered the great ecological and economic battle of our new century: the battle of the air. A clean air economy is emerging that provides creative, non-punitive solutions. We have the will to take part in this fight and to imagine possible futures.



We believe that diversity of profiles and skills is a condition of collective intelligence and performance.


For us, this means sharing our experiences so that our employees enrich knowledge and practices and our customers benefit from them.


We owe our customers a high quality of products and service, which translates into :

  • The professionalism of our collaborators: listening, competence, experience,
  • Tested, proven, reliable and efficient solutions,
  • A permanent search for performance.

l’amélioration de la qualité de l’air, ça marche…la preuve

Blooow a été testé par un institut technologique indépendant – le FCBA – selon la norme ISO 16000-23. Les résultats montrent une amélioration importante de la qualité de l’air intérieur.

Dans un environnement fermé où circule de l’air pollué en continu, les analyses montrent que la concentration en formaldéhyde diminue de 44%, et en toluène de 30% (COV classé « hautement prioritaire » par l’Oqai – l’Observatoire de la qualité de l’air intérieur).



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