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How does the Blooow air purifier work?

Blooow requires no connection or power source. The active compounds present inside the wool module act with the ambient air and capture chemical pollutants. VOCs and formaldehyde are permanently trapped. Blooow does not re-emit pollutants.

Blooow uses a patented air purification process by adsorption, which won an award in 2016 at the Concours Lépine de Paris.

Blooow is composed of two active depolluting agents capable of fixing VOCs and formaldehyde:

  1. Activated carbon. It was chosen for its large specific surface of 1000 m²/g and its high quality. It definitely captures VOCs in its pores.
  2. Acetoacetamide, an organic active substance. It fixes formaldehyde.


Composant actif du purificateur d'air Blow

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